- You are playing as a warrior and your purpose is to clear swamp from the slimes, how far can you go?


- Every kill will take 0.6% of your armor protection (by default you have 0.9, that means you block 90% of incomming damage from enemies)
- Every Level Up decrease spawntime for another enemies
- More kills you have more experiences you gain


A, D - horizontal move
Space - Jump 
Left click - Attack (you can hold left mouse to attack all the time)
E - Stats paper with informations
W - Potion of Healing (Heals 40% of your Maximum Health)
S - Potion of Immortality (Makes you immortal for 2s)

U - Toggle music

Install instructions

- For Win, Linux and Mac just download the file from itch.io and extract it


LD40.zip 11 MB

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